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This privacy policy covers the basic concept of our company’s personal information protection, targeting all personal information collected and used by Active The Link Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) and the following related companies. I will explain.

1.    個人情報の保護方針( Personal Information Protection Policy )

株式会社アクティブザリンクが運営している回の関連業務及びそれにかかわる利用可能な各種サービスにおいて、 収集目的や利用範囲を明らかにし、会員の個人情報を提供する会社の範囲等を通知した上で、会員の承諾の上、 必要な範囲の個人情報を収集させていただくことがありますが、この場合も、承諾を得た会社以外の第三者に提供、 開示等は行わないものとします。

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◎ 総合個別学習塾 S-Course
◎ 申請サポート ファストサービス

After clarifying the purpose of collection and the scope of use in the related business of the times run by Active The Link Co., Ltd. and the various services related to it, after notifying the scope of the company that provides the member’s personal information, etc. We may collect personal information in the necessary range with the consent of the members, but in this case, we will not provide or disclose it to a third party other than the company that has obtained the consent

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2.    個人情報の適切な保護と管理者


We store your personal information on a secure and protected server. In addition, with regard to credit cards, information such as card numbers and expiration dates are not stored, and their operation is outsourced to a settlement agent company.

In addition, we appoint the following person as protection manager of personal information, manage the personal information of all of you appropriately and safely, and illegal access to personal information from the outside and its unauthorized use, loss, destruction, falsification And have taken protective measures to prevent leakage etc.

3.    個人情報の収集目的(  Proper protection and management of personal information )


The customer’s information collected by DPS membership is for personal identification in membership service, creation of a profile based on your choice, response to inquiries from you and contact with the user for any reason.

It is up to you to decide whether or not your personal information will be provided to us, but if we do not, we may not be able to provide our services described in this document. Please note.

4.    個人情報の第三者への提供( Provision of personal information to third parties )

(1) 特定の利用目的のためにお客様から同意を得た場合提供する際の当該協力会社との守秘契約


Customer’s personal information may be provided to third parties other than us based on the conditions described in paragraph 5 only in the following cases.

(1) Confidentiality agreement with the partner company in the case of obtaining consent from the customer for a specific purpose of use

When providing all or part of the customer’s personal information to the outside, we carefully select the provision destination on the condition that a management system capable of appropriately protecting personal information is provided and “Consent Form for Providing Information” will be obtained from the provider.

5.    個人情報の第三者への預託(Deposit of personal information to third parties)

(1) インターネットショッピングサービスをご利用いただく場合、弊社の業務委託先である決済システム会社、クレジット会社(秘密保持契約を締結)にサービスの円滑提供を目的として、お客様の個人情報を預託する必要がある場合
 ①楽天市場サイト 『e-shop西村堂』
 ② YahooShoppingサイト 『WEB-Shop西村堂』
(2) 弊社の業務委託先が、弊社に代ってアフターサービスなどの個別の役務を提供するために必要がある場合
(3) 統計的情報を提供する目的で、個々の個人情報を集積しまたは分析し、個人の識別や特定ができない形式に加工して、その統計データを開示する場合
(4) 法令または裁判所その他の政府機関より適法に開示を要求された場合
(5) その他特定の目的のためにお客様から同意を得た場合

Your personal information may be deposited with a third party other than us based on the conditions described in paragraph 7 only if:

(1) When using Internet shopping service, it is necessary to deposit the customer’s personal information for the purpose of smoothly providing the service to the settlement system company and the credit company (concerning non-disclosure agreement) which is our business consignee. If there is

1 Rakuten market site “e-shop Nishimurado”

2 YahooShopping site “WEB-Shop Nishimurado”

(2) When our outsourcing company needs to provide individual services such as after-sales service on behalf of our company

(3) In the case of collecting or analyzing individual personal information for the purpose of providing statistical information, converting it into a form that can not identify or identify an individual, and disclosing that statistical data

(4) When legally required or legally required by the court or other government agencies

(5) In the case of obtaining consent from the customer for other specific purposes

6.    預託する際の当該協力会社との守秘契約(Confidentiality agreement with the partner company at the time of deposit)


When we outsource all or part of our work to the outside, we carefully select the outsourcer based on the condition that we have a management system that can properly protect personal information, and We have signed a “Contract for Confidentiality Agreement” with a consignee to strictly manage your personal information.

7.    利用者からの使用停止、削除等の申込みへの応諾( Acceptance of applications from users such as suspension of use and deletion )

お客様は、弊社に対してご自身の個人情報の開示や訂正を要求したり、または弊社がお客様の個人情報を利用し、提供しまたは預託することを中止させるため に、弊社問い合わせ窓口に申し出ることができます。その際、弊社はお客様ご本人を確認させていただいた上で、合理的な期間内に対応いたします。 

Customers may request to our contact point to request us to disclose or correct their personal information or to discontinue our use, provision or deposit of your personal information. I can. At that time, after confirming the customer, we will respond within a reasonable period.

In addition, our contact point regarding personal information is here.

株式会社アクティブザリンク 個人情報管理責任者 落合 良治
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Active The Link Co., Ltd. Personal Information Manager Yoshiharu Ochiai

2-19 Hamada, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 261-0025

TEL: 043-298-4721

E-mail: info@activethelink.com